Our guides


I am an Oslo girl, raised on the city's best eastern edge, and am interested in our near and more distant history, the ongoing urban development and Oslo's international art and cultural life.


Jan is originally Danish, but arrived in Norway many years ago and had absolutely no intention of staying. He fell head over heels for all the variety that Oslo could offer both in terms of nature, culture and architecture.


Arlene is originally from Austria and before she came to Oslo in 2000, she lived in Milan for 15 years. For over 20 years, Arlene has worked as an authorized Oslo guide and has not regretted a single day.


Kirsti was born in Oslo and has lived here for the past 35 years. She also has extended stays abroad, such as in the USA, France, Germany and South Africa.


Siri is a real all around guide who can be used for "everything". She is very happy to take care of our guests and of course she loves to convey Oslo's incredible attractions.


Hilde moved to Oslo to work for 3 years. In 2010, she replaced her usual working life with a career as an Oslo guide. Hilde likes to show all known and unknown places in the city.