About Oslo Guidebureau

Who are we?

It is the guide who makes the big difference on the trip, who points out details, tells funny stories and anecdotes, and manages to keep the group interested. We have 25 years of experience in matching the right guests with the right guide. We are very proud of that and we have many customers who come again and again, and many who want to book the same guide on different trips year after year. All our guides are authorized Oslo guides, who have passed a comprehensive exam. The guides have a very varied background. Many are teachers, architects, artists, work in the healthcare system or are students. Together, the guides cover more than 25 different languages. What everyone has in common is that they are passionate about Oslo and want to contribute with unforgettable experiences for guests from home and abroad. We at Oslo Guidebureau spend a lot of time finding the right guide for the right assignment.

Experience Oslo with a certified guide

Working conditions are also an important part of sustainability and we at Oslo Guidebureau therefore only use certified Oslo Guides. All our guides have passed an exam under the auspices of Oslo municipality. It is a three-part exam where the candidate goes through the languages ​​he or she will guide in, in addition to Norwegian. In addition to the oral exam, the candidate must pass a written exam that measures knowledge and a practical exam in a bus. When all three parts have been passed, the candidate receives a guide pin which is a graduation certificate from the mayor of Oslo and is awarded during a solemn ceremony. With this, we want to support the professionalisation of the guiding profession, ensure the quality of the product and ensure a sustainable wage.

Meet the team at the office

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