Oslo is home to great natural beauty, with the blue Oslofjord and the green forest Oslomarka that surrounds the city.

Nature is an integral part of Norwegian lifestyle and culture. There is no doubt that Norway takes environmental issues seriously also when it comes to tourism.

Oslo Guidebureau’s mission is to contribute to sustainable growth and development in the tourism industry. Sustainability is an important factor in our work and we therefore focus on reducing the environmental footprints within tourism and making our tours as green as possible. We offer walking tours, biking and hiking tours and tours with public transport. Our culinary tours focus on local food and drinks to make sure that the footprint is as small as possible.

Our enthusiastic Oslo guides are happy to show you how Oslo has implemented some of the most effective climate and environmental measures in Europe. And why it was named the European Green Capital of 2019. Along the port our guides can e.g. show you the autonomous robots and floating docks that reduce marine plastic pollution in the Oslofjord. Or take you on a trip to Mathallen, Oslo’s food court that has become a full-scale example of Oslo's sustainable urban development Paying fair wages means sustainable, successful companies. Oslo Guidebureau therefore only uses authorized Oslo Guides. All our guides have passed a written, oral and practical exam authorized by the municipality of Oslo. With this we want to contribute our part to professionalize the guide profession and ensure a sustainable payment.