Experience Oslo's amazing sculpture parks


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Oslo has a unique concept in Ekebergparken. Where else can you find internationally world-renowned sculptures placed among bushes, pine and spruce? A small sculpture by Renoir that suddenly looks up at you? A walk with a guide here will provide both a nature experience, an art experience and the feeling of something very special when you suddenly stumble upon a sculpture by Damien Hirst, Salvador DalÍ or a genuine Rodin. Ekeberg also has a very old history and traces of lives lived here several thousand years ago. We like to spend 2-2.5 hours on a walk in Ekebergparken. Walks can be combined with a visit to the Ekeberg restaurant, or Karlsborg Spiseforretning, and we can have the installation Skyspace in the old water reservoir specially opened for you.


If there is any place in the city where you would benefit from walking with your own guide, it is precisely here. The park has over 200 sculptures and Vigeland portrays life in all its stages in a very special way. Even if you have been to the park many times before, we are convinced that a guided tour here will lead you to notice new details, gain an insight into Vigeland's philosophy and gain a new understanding of the park. This is the place we think is the most fun to guide because the guests are so surprised by what they see. The tour in Vigelandsparken takes about 1 hour and can be combined with Vigelandsmuseet; or perhaps you want to go out to eat after a lovely walk in the park. We arrange both!

Tjuvholmen skulpturpark

Tjuvholmen is full of surprises, and the whole area is full of various modern sculptures. Not only Tjuvholmen itself, but also Aker Brygge and Filipstad. Join the guided tour and hear about the art, but also about the development of the entire area from farmland and later shipyards to the current complex. A perfect trip to combine with good food and drink, or with a visit to the Astrup Fearnley Museum.


The castle park offers many surprises in the summer. It was one of the city's first and largest parks. By starting at the 7th of June square, we get the whole history of our modern monarchy and we get sculptures of practically all our queens and kings. In addition, we will look at Princess Ingrid Alexandra's sculpture park, which is a separate part of the Castle Park. The castle's gardeners take very good care of the park, and vegetables and herbs are grown. We see beautiful flowers, and even beehives are found here. We hope you would like a guided tour of the Castle and the monarchy with us.