Your dream day with a private guide


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When traveling abroad and inland, you have probably noticed individuals and families on tours with a private guide, and you may think that this is a luxury reserved for the most wealthy; and even unnecessary - why pay a sky-high price to see the same thing as you get by buying a ticket on a group sightseeing?

Firstly, it is not as expensive as you think, secondly, you will soon realize that the experience is completely different! With a separate, authorized Oslo guide, the tour can be arranged according to your own interests, wishes and needs; with the time needed at each location. For families with children, we have guides who are experienced in working with children and are particularly good at setting up a pace and content that also suits the little ones. Fun activities and refreshing breaks can be included, and there will always be room for improvisation.

How about a dream day with your own guide as a birthday present? An interesting tour with tailored elements to suit the main character's interests, be it sports, history, art, food and drink, geology or wildlife, trains or beekeeping... ..we have guides that cover an incredible range of areas of interest.

Couple in love on a city trip? Let a private guide put the finishing touches by taking you to suitable and often secluded surroundings for nice photo memories, pointing out the city's best places for a romantic meal; take you on a culinary tour with a champagne stop, show the city's best shopping experiences and much more.

Treat yourself to some luxury, then!