The Medieval City of Oslo


Inspiration,Culture and environment

Join us to Oslo's cradle! Where today the tram rattles through Gamlebyen, between railway lines, construction sites, and graffiti-decorated skate parks, lay the earliest urban settlements in Oslo: Many are unaware that three-quarters of the main buildings, some with a history dating back to the 12th century, can still be seen as ruins, parts of existing buildings, and reconstructions - one of the largest continuous ruin park areas in the Nordic region!

Let one of our authorized Oslo guides take you on an exciting tour through medieval Oslo, along streets that were once paved with wooden planks and connected Kongsgården with monumental churches and monasteries, the bustling square, and the no less bustling harbor. You will hear about plagues and city fires, people and animals, craftsmen and merchants, kings, queens, bishops, and dukes - and how history is still being written today, through new discoveries that are constantly being made.