Island hopping in the Oslo Fjord


Inspiration,Culture and environment

Just outside the center of Oslo, in the picturesque Oslo Fjord, lie several island paradises like pearls on a string. For those interested in culture, Hovedøya has the most to offer. Enjoy the fantastic view of the Oslo Fjord and the city while the guide tells about the 19th-century cannon batteries and the Cistercian monastery from the 12th century.Forest Hikes

The journey continues to Gressholmen, where Oslo's old seaplane harbor was located. Large parts of the island are now a nature reserve, and the trip can be pleasantly concluded at the cozy Gressholmen Kro.

A typical island-hopping tour takes about 3 hours. If more islands are to be visited, the guide concludes the tour on one of the islands.

Price for an island-hopping tour of up to 3 hours: 200 NOK per person (minimum 15 people)

Ferry tickets are additional.