Island Hopping and Forest Hikes


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Island Hopping

Just outside the center of Oslo, in the picturesque Oslo Fjord, lie several island paradises like pearls on a string. For those interested in culture, Hovedøya has the most to offer. Enjoy the fantastic view of the Oslo Fjord and the city while the guide tells about the 19th-century cannon batteries and the Cistercian monastery from the 12th century.Forest Hikes

The journey continues to Gressholmen, where Oslo's old seaplane harbor was located. Large parts of the island are now a nature reserve, and the trip can be pleasantly concluded at the cozy Gressholmen Kro.

A typical island-hopping tour takes about 3 hours. If more islands are to be visited, the guide concludes the tour on one of the islands.

Forest Hikes

Hardly any other capital can offer such fantastic large hiking areas right outside the door as Oslo. The city is surrounded by forested hills from Askersåsene and Kolsås in the west to Voksenåsen and Vettakollen in the north, and Ekeberg and Haukåsen in the east. Almost a million people have Oslomarka as their home area, and there is hardly a place in the city where the population does not have a relatively short distance to the nearest forest area. This means that you are always close to an exciting Marka adventure. We can offer short trips for a few hours, simple day trips, or slightly longer day trips for the experienced hiker. All trips are guided, and the guide can tell about the Marka and the places you walk through.

All trips can be customized. We also work closely with Oslo Hiking.