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This is probably the most popular tour for Oslo people!

The hiking trail along Akerselva starts at Maridalsvannet and goes all the way down to Vaterland in central Oslo. The river has around 20 waterfalls that started the machines in the old days. Along the 8 kilometer long path, you can hear a lot of exciting labor and other history, see old factory buildings that have been converted into cafes and museums, beautiful bridge buildings and make detours to places such as Telthusbakken, Gamle Aker Kirke and Vøyen Gård to name a few. We recommend a walk of around 2.5 hours and most people will probably prefer to follow the direction of the river downwards. A typical Akerselva walk starts at Nydalen and ends in Mathallen, but can of course be tailored. This trip can be combined with a drink stop along the way and beer tasting.

"Akerselva, you old and grey, Akerselva, I hold you. Although the Danube is never so blue, in beauty it can never reach you. Such colors have never been seen, like where you come out at an angle into the lovely fragrant nook between Nyland and H.A.H.»

– Vilhelm Dybwad

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